• 75 ton up to 1000 ton molding capacity

    D&L′s press range, and various barrel sizes makes it possible for us to handle all your molding projects, from miniature and small parts to large totes, baskets, and pots.
    Click to See All D & L Machine Specifications. Our large 1000 ton press boasts a 16.25 lb shot size, and can handle many of your large molding requirements.

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  • Two All Electric JSW Molding Presses for Max Efficiency

    All electric molding offers excellent precision and repeatability from shot to shot, along with increased cycle times, quality, and molding control. The latest technology lowers power consumption and scrap rates, and decreases housekeeping requirements, allowing D & L to be extremely competitive.

    Two All Electric JSW Molding Presses

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  • ProHelp EPM Real Time Monitoring System

    D & L utilizes the latest technology with our fourth generation real-time production and process monitoring system for up to the minute reporting, job tracking and logging, analysis, and scheduling of all production.

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  • Bulk Silo Storage and Direct Loading System

    Silo storage is available for high volume jobs, along with efficient material handling and conveying to machines. Bulk storage of raw materials is "frees up" valuable warehouse space, decreases, labor requirements, allowing for a lower part cost. Each D &L silo has the ability to receive full bulk trucks with a storage capacity of 50 thousand pounds per silo.


  • Central Chilling System

    D&L utilizes a central water chilling system along with normal tower water options. Central chiller systems require less total operating tonnage, minimizes equipment maintenance and occupies less valuable floor space. Portable chiller units also readily available if necessary.

  • Auxiliary Equipment

    We use the latest technology in plastics auxiliary equipment to help keep customer costs LOW. Our wide variety of granulators, portable temperature controllers, dryers and hoppers, mixers, color feeders, auto loaders, conveyers, compressors, and much more, all aide in the processing of quality parts on a daily basis.


  • Automated Robots – Sprue Pickers

    Our MX250 picker is cost effective and reliable providing part and runner separation, minimizing mold open and cycle times for maximum efficiency.

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Recycling Tip: Save money by using high quality recycled polymers and resins!

Recylcling Facts: Recycling 1 ton of plastic saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.

Fork Lift

Large-Capacity Fork Trucks

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