Safety at D & L

Safety Training
Employee safety is always a top priority at D&L and enforced at all times. We ensure all equipment and machines are properly guarded and exceed all safety regulations. Employees are highly trained in efficient and safe operation of machinery. Our attention to safety allows us to continually be an industry leader in no lost time accidents.

Our comprehensive safety program is strictly enforced daily along with monthly meetings to discuss any/all safety concerns and topics. A full service safety/health inspection and consultation is performed by an outside source (OSHCON) annually to ensure D&L is always in compliance.

100% Federal & State Compliance
At D&L, safety compliance must be the 1st priority. This is how we protect our customer's interests and the safety of our employees, which in turn saves our customers from skyrocketing prices, and keeps our workers safe and happy.

Safety Signs

Heath and Safety Commitment D&L's commitment begins with a visible and active leadership that engages employees in managing health and safety performance. This commitment is supported by a comprehensive safety system based on OSHA principles.

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